UBC Partnership

2018 UBC Practicum Students:

Monique Connell

  • Your new position/role: I am a Teacher Candidate at UBC who is observing the work ARMS does on site and off site. I am attending workshops that ARMS provides and completing projects that will assist ARMS in creating lessons that are engaging and connected to the B.C. curriculum.
  • Your hometown: Langley, B.C.
  • Why you are excited to work with the organization: I am excited to work with ARMS because I love how they incorporate outdoor elements and hands on learning with students both inside and outside the classroom. Their off site and on site learning experiences provide students with the opportunity to inquire and engage with nature and different learning tools. Additionally, I love the positive impact ARMS has on the environment through their various projects, and their education for children. By providing workshops and field trips that educate students about frogs,  salmon and watershed’s, bird house’s & feeder’s,  and the Allco Fish Hatchery,  students will be able to understand how the environment is impacted and how they can implement positive changes.
  • What you are most passionate about and how your summer job or CFE role will help them to pursue their interests: I am most passionate about anything nature related. I love outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and kayaking. I have seen how time spent in nature can positively impact individuals well being. I am excited to learn from my CFE experience at ARMS how I can incorporate outdoor learning in my teaching practice and what I can do to positively impact the environment and community I live in.
  • Whether or not you have been involved with Canada Summer Jobs or CFE before, and if so, what their experience was like:  I have never been involved with Canada Summer Jobs, or the CFE provided by UBC, but I am looking forward to my experience here and how it will help me grow personally and as an Educator.
  • A fun fact!: I love snowboarding!