Allco Fish Hatchery

Allco Hatchery Discharge Valves Project

The Allco Fish Hatchery plans to replace two 15 year-old discharge valves which are now worn-out and broken after many years of ongoing use. New discharge valves are vital to hatchery operations as they allow water to run from all the hatchery ponds and other holding areas back into the South Alouette River or through the Allco fish trap.  BC Corrections staff and inmates will work on the project during the dry season, excavating and removing the old discharge valves and replacing them with new ones.


With invaluable assistance from the Fraser Regional Correctional Centre, staff and inmates will remove all fish from the lower hatchery and relocate them to the upper hatchery by the end of June 2014 approximately.  Orders will be placed for gravel and all other materials required for this project.  Corrections will excavate the general area around the discharge valves while inmates will provide manual labour.  Once the area is excavated and old valves removed, a gravel drainage base will be laid down in a trench.  Filter cloth will be laid in the trench, a layer of sand will be deposited over the filter cloth.  The 2 new discharge valves will be installed, along with the required plumbing and the area will be backfilled.  The old access boxes will be replaced with two new ones.


The Allco Fish Hatchery needs to do this work as the current 2 discharge valves are inoperable.  It is important that these 2 inoperable discharge valves are replaced as soon as possible because they must be able to drain all of the rearing ponds and  other areas where water is held for hatchery operations.  As there is a continuous flow of water through the hatchery from its various gravity fed and river sources, it is imperative that the water is able to flow out of the hatchery facilities and into the South Alouette River or into the Allco Fish trap.  With generous funding of $5,410 from the Pacific Salmon Foundation, the Alouette River Management Society, the Allco Fish Hatchery, and Fraser Regional Correctional Centre will be able to complete this project by early fall.